After twin grandsons entered our lives, I started to make kids toys for them and became so enamoured with them, I just carried on making them in my spare time for other children to enjoy.

The ideas came at first from the kids and then just would pop into my mind and I would make a pattern up in my head. These toys have no hard parts, are washable , stuffed with baby safe poly, and of course made with a touch of love.

jmtoys1_small.jpg jmtoys2_small.jpg jmtoys3_small.jpg jmtoys4_small.jpg jmtoys5_small.jpg jmtoys6_small.jpg
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jmtoys19_small.jpg jmtoys20_small.jpg jmtoys21_small.jpg jmtoys22_small.jpg jmtoys23_small.jpg jmtoys24_small.jpg
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